What I have in my car

This is just a fun look at what I actually keep in my car. To be honest, it surprised even me!

What I have in my car

When you live in two different places and work in another your car becomes practically an extra appendage.

And so, for fun, I decided to take a survey of what’s inside it. My dad is always complaining that it’s messy – but, I promise you, it’s all stuff I need!

In the front section:

Wipes – one old packet and one new packet

A zip-lock bag ‘bin’

My GPS – what would I do without it? (or rather… where would I be?)

Phone charger

A few coins (in case 20c comes in handy one day?)


Audio book. Current one: Lord of the Rings

A few CDs. I’m not really a music person, but every now and again I listen to: Bastille: Bad Blood; the soundtracks of Wicked, Oliver! and Les Miserables; a collection of Christian songs on a CD someone gave me.

Two empty drink bottles


The back:

Picnic rug

A wide brimmed hat & a cap for running

A cloth bag (supposed to be for grocery shopping but it has a drawstring neck so I rarely use it

High heels… I’m not quite sure why

The boot:

The Bronte Sisters’ collected long works, Augustine’s City of God & The collected poems of Gerard Manly Hopkins

Closed in shoes (in case I get called into work)

Thongs (again… just in case?)

An old pair of joggers


A parker

A hoodie

A t-shirt… just in case?

Two more audiobooks – hey, I can’t run out!

Several plastic bags

Some bug-bomb spray I bought accidently

A small back-pack with an old towel and showering things in case I need to have a shower at work

A drawstring bag with an old blanket (er… ‘just in case’)

A few pegs

To conclude

Yep. That’s quite a lot of stuff. And since I’m not preparing for a zombie invasion, I think I need to do some sorting and cleaning…

… later.


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