Two Sisters & a Brain Tumour – Two Months On

Two Sisters & a Brain Tumour has been out in the wild for two months now! If you were looking to get your hands on a copy, it’s available in both print and ebook at most major online books stores, plus several Australian Christian book shops – the links are all here.

Dialoguing with Readers

I’ve been humbled and encouraged by the responses I’ve received so far. A huge shout out to all who have taken the time to write a goodreads review (it means so much!); send me a message; or post a pic on social media. If you haven’t and you’ve read Two Sisters, let me encourage you to add ‘write review’ or ‘post pic’ to your To Do list! The more reviews and mentions, the more chances Two Sisters will reach new readers.

It’s been exciting, too, to turn the monologue of writing into a dialogue about faith and suffering; sisterhood and finding hope. I am always so excited when someone says ‘I saw you really struggled with X’ in your book, or ‘I realised X was a main part of your journey’ – and I think, did I? Was it? Oh yes! I did and it was. It’s such a blessing to be able to see my book through a myriad of fresh eyes (as C. S. Lewis says). Every time I learn something either about myself, or the world, or about how people read or about how I process – such valuable lessons!

Life after Two Sisters

As you might have noticed, after the launch I took a (much needed) social media hiatus. I wrote (and preached) my first sermon. I did a lot of college work. I painted for fun for the first time in a long time. I read a lot of books, from Leigh Bardugo’s YA fantasies and Tin Tin comics to Lolita and Schindler’s List. I did ‘follow-up’ work from the book launch. I sat down and figured out Who I Was, now that actual people are reading about three actual months in my actual life. Turns out, (spoilers!) I’m still me, God is still God, and life is still life. Phew.

Exciting News!

I found out last month that my friend Lorie’s story (written by me) has been selected to be published in this years Stories of Life Anthology. I am utterly thrilled, because I have been so blessed by Lorie’s story and his friendship, and we were praying (even before the competition) that God would use it to bless many people. May he continue to do so. ‘Saved by a Rat’ will come out in November, as part of the short story collection: The Labyrinth and other stories of life. Watch this space for more info!

What next?

College exams.

Haha. I’ve also been deep in the research and drafting phase of (Lord willing) my next book. I won’t say any more for now, but it’s involved trekking through scholarly debates; living in 18th Century Nigeria; and hunting desperately for answers to (very important) questions such as, ‘Where is a ballast on a ship?’ ‘Do walrus swim?’ ‘How many pounds in a guinea?’ ‘What is a habeas corpus?’ and, most crucial, ‘SYNONYM FOR ABSORBED?’

And after that?

A holiday.

Is it just me, or has it been a very long year?

I’ve discovered that I find watercolour really relaxing… I’m paying so much attention to the shades and contrast that I can’t be thinking about anything else, but I need to leave it to try between layers, so I’m not tempted to Finish It At Once, Today, Right Now. 10-15 minutes work at a time is all the medium allows… which is perfect. Anyone else have the same experience?

//What have you been reading lately?

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