LAUNCH: Olaudah Equiano: A Man of Many Names

My latest book is out! A biography of African Olaudah Equiano, who was stolen into slavery at eleven-years-old in the 18th Century, and became a popular abolitionist author and passionate evangelist.

His is a story of God working to save despite almost insurmountable odds. His is a story of peril and adventure on the sea, of war time and Arctic expeditions. Most of all, his is a story of the transformative power of the Gospel on individual hearts and society.

In Equiano’s own words,

‘what makes any event important, unless by its observation we become better and wiser, and learn “to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before God?”’

Olaudah Equiano: A Man of Many Names

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for more interesting facts about a very interesting man, whose own memoir was called ‘an interesting narrative’!

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