Hello and welcome!

profile picI think the best way to find out about someone is by how they act and what they say… so that’s an open invitation to browse the blog section of this website!

As you do, you’ll encounter:

  • book and movie reviews
  • snap-shots of every day life
  • reflections on faith
  • updates on my books
  • amateur artistic adventures 
  • musings on writing and literature
  • notes on long-distance running and travel

Similarly, my writing covers many genres, including memoir, biography, fiction and poetry. After over a decade of writing, I am thrilled to announce my debut book Thomas Clarkson: The Giant with One Idea is being released in May 2021!

I am trained in health-care, and currently studying theology. I am also the founder of Called to Watch, a community and blog designed to support the friends and family members of those with chronic illnesses.

I’d love to meet you in person one day, but until then, I hope you enjoy my writing!

Want to get in contact? Reach me at author@emilyjmaurits.com