To Him who gave me the courage to begin

This past month was one of many firsts! My first book launch; my first goodreads reviews; my first time being featured on a library display; my first time signing a book with my name on it. I’m happy to announce that it finally, finally seems real. My debut book is out into the world, and as I said in my instagram post, my prayer is that it will change the world, just a tiny little bit.

As I celebrate and rejoice, I’ve also been reflecting on the journey, and remembering. I remember my first late night Google, typing ‘Thomas Clarkson’ into the search engine, and becoming frustrated with the limited results I found. I remember my first prayer, ‘God, there’s no biography of Thomas Clarkson in print, and I think there should be. Do you think I can write one? Not now, obviously. I’m too young, I’m an unknown author, I have no idea who would publish it… but maybe one day? Could I? Please? You can give the job to someone else, as long as it’s written, but… I’d really love to do it?’

I remember my first email, three years ago now. I remember staring at the email address for Christian Focus Publishing, and thinking, this is ridiculous, this is pointless… but what if? I’ll never know if I don’t put myself out there, if I don’t hit send.

So I did. And God did. Together we did – and today, Thomas Clarkson: The Giant with One Idea, is the product of all that doing. And I can’t help thinking of Clarkson, who wrote of abolition:

I yielded, not because I saw any reasonable prospect of success… but in obedience, I believe, to a Higher Power… Him, I mean, who gave me a heart to feel, who gave me courage to begin, and perseverance to proceed.


And who, after fighting his whole life for the freedom of his brothers and sisters in Africa, said,

Reader!… If you feel grateful for this event [abolition], retire within your [prayer] closet and pour out your thanksgivings to the Almighty, for this, His unspeakable act of mercy to your oppressed fellow creatures.


And so I ask you to join me.

Join me in reading Thomas Clarkson’s story; in reviewing it on goodreads or amazon; but most of all, join me in praise to the God who ended the slave trade, and the God who allowed me to write a book on it.

Where to get a copy?


What do I do with it?

  1. read it!
  2. review it!
  3. buy another and gift it!
  4. sign up to my newsletter to keep in the loop about my next release!

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