I found a way to read online!

I do a lot of reading online. Stories, articles, blogs, newsletters, emails. There’s a few problems with that:

  • A lot of time it hurts my eyes
  • I have trouble sleeping afterwards because of the bright light.
  • It’s very easy to waste time when one link leads to the next

I downloaded “Pocket” this past week and it’s actually solved a lot of my problems. I don’t use many apps, or at least, not many long term, but this one has been very helpful so far.

It downloads any web browers content onto your phone from your computer. Not only does it force me to be selective in what I read (do I really want to read this article enough that I’ll want to read it in a few hours?) but it also means I can scan articles during “nothing time” (walking to my car, waiting in a queue) when I don’t have the chance to pull out a book or invest in deep reading. For some reason it’s also easier on my eyes.

Enjoying it so far!




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